At Sunshine Academy we strive to provide an enriching environment for children of all ages! Our classes are divided by age to meet the best needs of the children and their age group. Our facility is divided into three separate areas: Infants and 1’s, 2/3’s and 4/VPK, and Sunshine Rec. This allows your children to grow and learn in a safe, appropriate area for their age group. Our staff is committed to creating the best environment for your children to grow!

Infant Room – Ages 2 months to 1 year

infant roomInfant Room


Our infant room is designed to be both stimulating and comfortable for your little one! With bright colors and comfortable places to explore, the infant room is sure to be a hit with your child! The room features feeding areas for those babies who are eating solid foods, a comfortable rocking chair for feeding of the little babies, places to play and learn, places to catch a few little minutes of nap time, and individual cribs for each child for a proper nap time! Your child will be able to participate in outside time as well with a separate playground area designed specifically for the babies!

Toddler Room – Age 1 year

toddler room1 toddler room2

That first year after the “baby” year is an important one and it’s our goal to help your Blooming Toddler make the best of it! From interactive learning play to fun activities, your toddler will make the most of their time in our care by learning essential skills in a fun and warm environment. Our toddlers focus on the basics: learning to eat on their own, counting, social skills, dexterity, etc! We transition our infants into this room in a process that allows them the best opportunity to become comfortable with the change. The transition from the infant room to the toddler room is the biggest one and we strive to make it as smooth as possible!